CUET Exam Analysis 2022: Difficulty level, Experts Review, Questions Asked in Exam

CUET Exam Analysis 2022 includes an in-depth discussion of the test structure, its difficulty level, good attempts, and the expected cutoffs. As per the expert’s CUET Exam analysis, today’s CUET Exam 2022 was moderately difficult. Go through the detailed CUET Exam analysis to determine your performance and prepare accordingly.

This year, NTA has changed the CUET Exam Pattern which is the main reason for the students to know what was the level and type of questions asked. The first phase will take place on July 15, 1 6, 19 and 20 and the second phase will be held on August 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. The students who have their exam in upcoming shifts must go through the detailed CUET 2022 Exam Analysis of 15 July Shift 1 to better understand the pattern.

CUET Exam Analysis 2022 Good Attempts

The overall CUET Difficulty Level of the shift 1 Exam was moderately difficult. As per the candidates’ review, the level of questions asked CUET exam was easier than mock tests. The overall difficulty of the exam was Moderate. Check section-wise expected good attempts and difficulty level as tabulated below.

Sections Good Attempts Difficulty Level 
Language I (A) 36-38 Easy to Moderate
Language I (B) 34-36 Easy to Moderate
Domain-Specific Subjects 35-37 Moderate
General Awareness 54-56 Moderate
Overall 159-167 Moderate

CUET Exam Analysis 2022- English Language

There were 3 Reading comprehensions asked in today’s CUET Exam, each RC consists of 5 to 6 questions. Idioms and Phrases were in the format of Match the column. 

1st R.C was based on Mewar King Maharana Pratap

2nd R.C was based on Stammering

Synonyms/Antonyms- Exile, Intricate

Figure of Speech- Personification/Simile

Topics No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 15-18
Synonyms-Antonyms 05-06
Idioms Phrases 03-04
One word Substitution  03
Mis Spelt 02
Literary Device 02-03
Rearrangement of Sentences 04-05
Fill ups 01
Analogy 02-03

CUET Exam Analysis 2022- Maths

The level of this section was Easy to Moderate as per CUET Exam Analysis 2022. Check topic-wise no, of questions asked as per candidate’s reviews. 

Topics No. of Questions
Missing Numbers 03-04
Geometry 02-03
Trigonometric Identities 01
Time/Speed/Distance 02-03

CUET Exam Analysis 2022- General Awareness

Some of the current affairs questions asked in CUET Exam on 15th July Shift 1 are as listed below- 

  1. CEO of Twitter
  2. Poverty Index- in which state is highest

CUET Exam Pattern 2022

  1. The exam will be conducted in two slots. Slot 1: 195 minutes (3:15 hours), slot 2: 225 minutes (3:45 hours).
  2. The CUCET exam 2022 was held in computer-based mode.
  3. The MCQ-based question paper of CUET will be divided into four sections:
CUET Exam Pattern 2022
Sections Subjects/ Tests No. of Questions To be Attempted Duration
Section IA 13 Languages  50 40 in each language 45 minutes for each language
Section IB 19 Languages 
Section II 27 Domain specific Subjects  50 40 45 minutes for each subject
Section III General Test 75 60 60 minutes


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